Paymanager 164.100

Paymanager 164.100 is an internal banking software system used by many banks and financial institutions in India for managing payroll operations efficiently. It is one of the most popular payroll management solutions used by public and private sector banks. Paymanager 164.100 allows banks to automate the entire payroll lifecycle from employee master data maintenance to salary processing, statutory deductions calculation, payroll accounting, and generation of payroll reports. It integrates with the core banking system to retrieve employee records and update financial figures. Paymanager 164.100 streamlines activities like leave balance tracking, arrear calculations, loan deductions, pension contributions, income tax computations, etc., through a user-friendly interface. Its robust features help banks minimize manual efforts and ensure monthly payroll accuracy for thousands of employees. The centralized solution also offers control and visibility over payroll expenditures for banks.

Operations of Paymanager 164.100

paymanager 164.100

Paymanager 164.100 allows banks to manage end-to-end payroll operations efficiently. It facilitates creating and updating the employee master database, including personal, payroll, and service details. Salary processing involves configuring salary structures, allowances, deductions, and applying revisions. The system automatically calculates salaries as per the rules. It handles statutory deductions like PF, PT, TDS, etc., as per tax slabs. Loans, arrears, and other non-statutory deductions are managed. Leave accounting is done by maintaining leave balances and attendance records. The system generates payslips in customizable formats. Payroll accounting features enable accounting salary expenditures head-wise. The reports module provides summary and analytical reports on employee costs, deduction-wise summary, and exceptions. Payroll exports data to the core banking system for updating ledger accounts. Approval and authorization controls ensure salary disbursal as per sanction limits. This comprehensive payroll management helps banks reduce costs while maintaining compliance and employee satisfaction.

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Login Process Of Paymanager 164.100

paymanager 164.100

Logging into the Paymanager 164.100 payroll software requires following some basic steps. First, open any web browser on your system or login device, like Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc.. In the address bar, type in the URL or IP address provided by your organization to access the Paymanager 164.100 application. It will open the login homepage. Here, enter your assigned username in the username field.

Your username is typically your employee code or ID. Next, please type your password in the password field and ensure it is typed correctly, as passwords are case-sensitive. Below the password field, select your branch from the drop-down menu if your organization has multiple branches. Then click on the button of Login to enter the payroll software. You will be logged in successfully and redirected to the user dashboard based on your permissions. The system may also request additional authentication through an OTP is sent to your mobile number that is registered.

Financial Management System Of Paymanager 164.100

Paymanager 164.100 provides robust financial management capabilities to banks for managing payroll expenditures efficiently. It facilitates budgeting by allowing the creation of budgets for different cost heads like basic salary, allowances, etc. Actual spending can then be compared with budgets to track variances. The system automatically interfaces with the bank’s general ledger to post journal entries for salary payments. It helps ensure real-time updating of salary costs in the financial books. Reports on payroll costs vs. budget expenditures help analyze cost-saving opportunities. Paymanager generates critical statutory reports like Form 16, Form 12BA, etc., which are helpful for tax compliance. Audit logs and authorization controls maintain transparency. Automatic reconciliation with payment details from the core banking system prevents discrepancies. With accounting, reporting, and compliance features, Paymanager 164.100 equips banks with powerful payroll financial management tools to exercise tight control over personnel expenditure.

Paymanager employee login 

Paymanager is an online platform used by government employees in certain regions for salary-related services and management. To access the Paymanager employee login portal, follow these steps:

Open your preferred web browser and go to the official Paymanager website. The specific website URL may vary depending on your region or organization.

Look for the “Employee Login” or “Login” option on the homepage or navigation menu of the Paymanager website. Click on it to proceed.

Once your login details have been confirmed, click “Login” or “Submit” to continue.

Access to your Paymanager employee account will be provided if the login information you have supplied is accurate.

It’s crucial to remember that depending on your location or affiliation, the Paymanager employee login portal’s look and precise processes may change. It is advised that you get help from the appropriate support contact or your organization’s IT department if you are experiencing difficulties utilising the Paymanager employee login site.


Paymanager 164.100 is a robust and comprehensive payroll management solution that has enabled numerous banks and financial institutions to automate, streamline, and effectively manage their payroll operations. Offering end-to-end functionality for tasks from employee master data maintenance to payroll processing, accounting, and reporting helps banks reduce manual efforts and ensure accuracy. Integrations with the core banking system and general ledger provide real-time updates. Strict authorization protocols and audit trails maintain transparency. The user-friendly interface and powerful tools for payroll analytics and statutory compliance make Paymanager 164.100 a reliable choice among banks. Its ability to handle large and complex payroll needs centrally while controlling costs makes it highly valuable. With continued upgrades, it will continue supporting the changing payroll requirements of banks efficiently into the future.

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